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used movie dvd Enter multiple UPC codes in the text box below separated by commas, spaces or new lines (1 per line), and then press the SEARCH Button. For example:
794043466021, 667068901221 or 794043466021 667068901221
If you are unsure of what a UPC code is then see the illustration below.
In many cases, we only has the latest UPC of a product. Older versions/editions may have different UPCs. As a result, you may be unable to find an item by UPC. In this case, you still may be able to find the product by performing a Keyword/Title search

What is a UPC number and how do I find it?

UPC codes are unique 12-digit catalog numbers that identify a particular item. They can usually be found on the back of your product. Make sure you include any smaller numerals that appear to the left or right of the main barcode numerals.

Pictured here is an example to help you find the UPC number of your CD or DVD (UPC is 042286095325).

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